“Let them construct a sanctuary for Me, that I may dwell among them.” Exodus 25:8


A sanctuary is a holy place.  Today, if you believe, that is you.  :)

Most of us are familiar with those kindred spirits whose mere presence offer a connection not experienced by everyone.   Our hearts smile with thoughts of them, they understand our dreams, failures, joys and struggles.  There is an amazing blend of laughter, tears and everything in between.

What makes it most amazing is when we experience that with Jesus.

Our Lord certainly doesn’t need our company.  But He desires to dwell among them (us) enough to sacrifice His life for that purpose.  And who knows our hopes and dreams and understands our tears, failures and struggles better than the one who wove us into existence?  Who better to offer peace and all the fruit of the Spirit?

Do you believe it?

Our thought life, words and actions show what we really believe.  They show what is rooted in our hearts, or who actually dwells or has the authority there.  Does our Lord have authority there or does the flesh or anything else have authority?

If there are lies rooted there, we’ll have behavior and habits that indicate the rooted lies.  Meaning anything that does not line up with God’s word, His authority, His truths is a lie.

In Exodus, they had to do “the heavy lifting” of the brick and mortar so-to-speak.  But Jesus gave us the new covenant with the gift of His ever present spirit.  Since we are now His sanctuary, we experience His dwelling in us as we read and study God’s word, worship and praise Him and pray.

A heart (the holy place) rooted in Jesus is one where He has authority over any lies.  Jesus is life and Truth with truths; and who wants to fall for a lies?!  A heart rooted in Him is one that actually believes and trusts what God says and recognizes the lies for what they are.  Not something to entertain.  Being rooted in Jesus means experiencing the life He offers and the fruit of the spirit.  That’s the freedom he sacrificed His life to give us.

Only with the Lord’s authority in our thinking can the aroma of our hearts (our attitude and thought life) be pleasing to Him. And only then can we truly experience freedom.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Phil 4:8

Lord, please keep me mindful that you yearn for a dwelling place that is clean and pure and that you yearn for and have provided a way to be in intimate fellowship with me.  In Jesus’ name, amen.