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Whether you have followed Christ your whole life or are a brand new believer, sometimes experiencing the relationship with the creator of the universe seems elusive.  I’ve discovered more and more that people living the Christian life are NOT experiencing the fruit of our Lord’s spirit much less recognizing miracles, or the Lord’s heart for specific areas in their lives.

When life’s storms hit or in the desert experience it can be tempting to follow the ways (voice) of defeat and discouragement vs the ways (voice) of truth and life and the fruit of the Spirit.

Sometimes a fog confuses our thinking and ability to recognize a God led thought life.   Through the years I’ve come to believe that a number of factors can contribute to wrong thinking; among them:

  • lack of nurturing our relationship with the Lord through His word, prayer, worship or simply listening for His promptings.
  • physical health through fitness and nutrition.
  • the amount of stress we allow in our lives.

I have many thoughts about these bullet points but so far, my goal with this blog is to focus on life giving truths.  To recognize the Lord as ever present, protective, loving and trustworthy to name a few characteristics.

It’s a process isn’t it?  Life can be scary, and pain and suffering are inevitable.  Whether in the midst of hardship and ache or the greatest of life’s moments we can trust that our Lord knows and cares.  And during those difficult times we need only to tell our Abba Father, “I can’t”.  To which He gently replies, “I am”.  “I am whatever you need.”




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