Wisdom Has A Message

“The LORD possessed me at the beginning of His way, Before His works of old.” Prov. 8: 22

The word ‘me’ is referring to wisdom “Hokmah” in Hebrew is “shrewdness”.  Wisdom is also feminine.

Proverbs 8 is an exclamation from wisdom personified.  Have you ever felt desperate for someone to behave in a certain way or for yourself to recognize wise choices?  In Chapter 8 wisdom ‘calls out’‘cries out’, ‘raises her voice to all mankind’, ‘takes her stand’, ‘has worthy things to say’, ‘speaks what is right and true’, and that is just the beginning!  She yearns desperately for man to receive and live in the way of the wise.  That is the heart of our Lord.  Our perfect Father yearning for the best for His children, and the perfect creator yearning for the best for His creation.

Wisdom existed at the beginning,   (verse 22)  she was appointed from eternity’, ‘from the beginning before the world began’.  She then details the creation process adding her role as ‘a master workman’ and His thoughts of her as ‘his daily delight’.

Wisdom is powerful!  Wisdom was used in His creation of the world and all His creation including you and me.  No matter how flawed we may feel, the truth is, that we were lovingly, meticulously and wisely created.

Wisdom based choices (like believing that truth) bear far-reaching fruit glorifying the Lord and He delights in them.  In that knowledge is the reminder to offer gratitude for His wisdom.

Praying for opened eyes, mind and heart to your wisdom, Lord.