Dealing With Deception

If a ruler’s anger rises against you, do not leave your post; calmness can lay great offenses to rest. Ecc. 10: 4

rule: to have dominion, to reign.

Looking at this from a conceptual and metaphorical perspective, anything that steals our joy and peace might be considered a ‘ruler’ of our minds and hearts.  Meaning that we have allowed something(s) enough power to cloud the truths of God that lead to joy and peace in our hearts or spirits.  Thoughts of discouragement, anger, victimization, despair or pride aren’t fruit of the Spirit of God.  Words or situations that trigger a shaken spirit are not based on God’s truths. We can fully believe that anything that steals one’s peace is founded on deception.

In the same way that truths are rooted in Jesus who is The Way, The Truth, and the Life; deception (a lie) has roots in the Father of Lies.

What does it mean to not leave our post?  It’s the same word as “position”.  We are children of God, and we can take positions of worship and praise and prayer.  Those positions of praise can be as basic as thinking the name of Jesus.  They can also extend deeper to telling Jesus what weighs you down, because He cares deeply.  As you share your burdens He is ready to tell you His thoughts of you and your situation; to give you rest as you dwell in His truths about His character and His heart for you.

We are called to worship, adore and dig deep into His word, exposing ourselves to the depth of His heart for us.  Have you experienced that before?  Do you know how to sit quietly in worship and soak in His love, character and thoughts of you; to actually experience God?  This kind of relationship plants seeds of truths in your core– your spirit– which grows roots of truths as the relationship is nurtured.  Where there is truth/Truth, lies can’t exist and therefore, have no power.

Lord, please keep me strong in maintaining my post to experience the best you have for me.


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