Don’t Forget

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. Ps. 139:13




I have known very few people during my life who speak the truth lovingly and practice wisdom and discernment with their words. The only people I’ve spent time around who do this well, have something in common; they have nurtured relationships with Jesus.

That makes sense because interpersonal communication regarding potential conflict requires an upper hand. But not just any upper hand, it has to be:

  • Discerning enough to know the needs of the subject being addressed.
  • Wise and discerning enough to know appropriate words, tone, timing and approach.
  •  Supernatural enough to prepare all hearts involved.

I spent too many years speaking facts to people without bathing conversations in prayer. Then one day I was in a prayer group and one of the ladies prayed regarding a need of one of her children. The prayer caught me off guard and gave me something very new to think about.

She prayed that anyone who wanted to approach her children about something would be prayerful about what to say, when to say it, and whether it should be spoken at all. When I heard her praying, I remember thinking, “We’re suppose to pray about things like that?”

Since then, the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realized some things.

So many people experience offenses by well meaning friends, family or whomever. Even in the most innocent of conversations, things are said without any mal intent, that are either ill received or poorly and carelessly delivered. I’ll reiterate that often there is no mal intent what-so-ever. And even in the most innocent of conversations everything is ok, until it isn’t.
Think about this passage for a moment.  Our Lord created our inmost being! That’s our minds, our spirits, our DNA and every detail about us.  Doesn’t it stand to reason that He knows us better than we know ourselves?

With that in mind doesn’t it make sense that all relationships should be covered in prayer?  Prayer provides an open door for that wisdom and discernment that only He can provide.

And considering how easy it is to be misunderstood, or to say something that might trigger an unhealed wound in others wouldn’t prayer for all relationships be wise?

Taking it a step farther,  if you were expecting to engage in a potentially difficult conversation with someone (regardless of how well acquainted you might be with them) wouldn’t you want to have an idea of the best possible approach? A respectful, truthful and most importantly loving approach.

Our creator knows us. He knows every person at the deepest possible level. He can show us when to speak, what words to use and give us a loving tone. He can also place it on our hearts to wait prayerfully.

Lord, please keep me mindful to bathe my relationships and those of others in prayer. 


Do you have God stories about His hand in your relationships?  There is a reason for gratitude.  :)



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