Be Deliberate

David said to the Philistine, “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.” 1 Samuel 17:45

Who can forget this amazing moment of David’s faith expressed!  Oh how proud his mother must have been, don’t you think?  ;)  Can you imagine the reaction of those watching and the state of David’s heart going into this moment?

Truths, Deliberate

Let’s take a moment to look at the life application of this passage.  I remember when I first began thinking metaphorical and analogous thoughts.  I was in a Bible Study Fellowship study and the lecturer used both metaphors and analogies.  Prior to that I never thought that way.  I heard the term ‘mountain’ and it was literally Pikes Peak or the like.  Once I began thinking in this new way, it opened up a whole new world of Bible application for my life. I was suddenly able to consider my ‘wounds’ as my ‘Goliaths’.

And ‘thankful’ doesn’t seem to cut it when referring to the experience of freedom from any painful area or wound in life.  Every time I’ve experienced healing and freedom it has been unexpected even though we’re supposed to expect great things from God, right?  Just like David!

To this point for me, healing has taken a few different paths.

I struggled for years over a very painful issue and one day during a prayer session — that lasted 3 hours… (wow!) a single word surfaced in my mind.  I saw the word clearly but had no idea of the meaning.  Although I did experience freedom in other areas that day, the one particular area was slower for me.  Then some time later, the spirit of God opened my eyes to the meaning of that word and its promise regarding my situation.  When he did so, I knew it was from Him because it lined up scripturally.   My spiritual blindness was gone as His truth in that word dethroned the struggle of pain and replaced it with His authority of peace.

No two healing experiences have been exactly alike though they’ve had commonalities.  One thing that has always happened is:

  • I have intentionally placed something before the Lord.

These are some of the commonalities regarding the healing He has allowed to this point:

  • A word surfaces in my mind.
  • Sometimes a period of time passes before the spirit of God enlightens me to the meaning of the word and it’s relationship to the pain.
  • Sometimes I immediately recognize the word and the connection to the situation.  It must line with scripture and the character of God.
  • When the Spirit of God enabled me to recognize the connection, it has very clearly been the Lord’s promise regarding any given situation.
  • My ‘spiritual eyes’ were clearly opened to the meaning behind a word.

The faith and healing journey of the believer requires deliberate actions with truths.  Deliberately listening and receiving. The Spirit of God will speak in His perfect timing.  He has already promised and given a full measure of peace, joy and the fruit of His spirit, and as we seek Him we are allowed the amazing experience that we can’t stop talking about…

Consider what Philistines (any struggle or challenge) you have in your life and ask the Lord for His thoughts about them and His authority over them.




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