Resurrection Power When You’re Trying to Breathe

Years ago a dear friend advised me (as I wept with eye swelling power) to try to think of ANYTHING that I was thankful for, even if all I could think of was my salvation.   Well, I followed the advice.  (And yes, it did come down to my gratitude for my salvation).   Within moments it was as though the Spirit of God Himself wiped my tears away.

Power of God's Word

In reality, the AMAZING fact is that the Spirit of God lives in me — 1 Cor. 3:16 — (and in you if you’re a believer as described in John 3:16).   For those of us who are believers the Spirit of God  doesn’t need to come to us, as His Spirit is already present.


The Spirit of the creator of the universe, The Alpha and Omega, the one who placed each star in the heavens… lives in me… that resurrection power… lives in me.

I think that’s a realization that at the very least, we tend not to consider.   I often need to take a moment to think while I pray (and that in and of itself is certainly a good idea) about whether I’m asking God for something He has already granted.

I’m reminded of a moment when an old familiar phrase took on new meaning in my life at which point these two concepts came together to significantly impact my life.

  •  He inhabits our praises.  For years I’d been exposed to the phrase, “He inhabits our praises.”  I’d heard it in messages, etc.  But one day during a conversation, the light bulb went on and this concept coupled with next, became life changing.
  •  Thinking or verbalizing praises is a way to appropriate the power of the Spirit of God in our lives as believers.  The power that we have already been given.

For me, at that moment, my tears were wiped away within moments of offering the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving.  No circumstances were altered.  My heart was not ‘feeling’ gratitude.  I was broken.  And THAT is why it is called a sacrifice. . . because we sacrifice (place the pain at the metaphorical altar) the true feelings of our hearts at that moment, and focus instead on the sacrificial offering of gratitude.

I always think of Peter walking on water with storm waves everywhere. Can you relate to that too? The natural tendancy to look and be overwhelmed by those powerful waves racing toward you. Aka: when life happens and you’re trying to breathe. Jesus called for Peter’s attention to be on Him rather than how frightening things appeared.

How perfectly God knows His creation and our needs.

Lord, where my faith lacks, help me to believe.

Have you experienced moments of the Lord’s touch as though He wiped away your tears, or overwhelmed you with peace or joy? Care to share? :)



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